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Default Namespace and Attributes

This is what i learned today

Default namespaces do not apply to attributes; therefore, to apply a namespace to an attribute the attribute must be explicitly qualified.

Must remember this. Can be very helpful while debugging XML schema issues.


Debugging databinding failures in WPF

WPF has a great databinding support but when it does not work it can be hard to debug. Understanding of databinding model in WPF can go a long way in making data binding easy. Since working on WPF i myself have faced "binding not working" syndrome. The general tendency then is to revert back to the code behind approach which does not look clean at all. In all cases its our lack of understanding of binding model or incorrect usage of binding the main culprit. In this post i would try to create a checklist which can be used to systematically debug any specific binding issue. But before reading this i would highly recommend that every WPF developer should thoroughly try to understand the WPF binding by going over the MSDN documentation and other sources. The steps mentioned here would make more sense if we have a clear understanding of databinding. We would be tacking the most common situation where a frontend UI is bounded to a backing entity.

Is the binding setup correctly (B…