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Appharbor build notification using Google Talk (XMPP) - Implementation

In my last post about creating an Appharbor notification bot, I described about the problem domain, the solution approaches and how the end to end scenario works.This post would dig deeper into the implementation aspects of the solution.
To start with we need to understand the two esential ingredients for this recipe Appharbor Service hooks: Appharbor Service hooks are the building block for the solution. Appharbor provides capability, where it can post to any public url with status of a build on completion. Service hooks are available for events Build Success.Build failure.XMPP protocol: XMPP is a protocol used for Instant Messaging (IM) communication. It allows us to relay messages to the users IM client using XMPP servers (in our case Google Talk messaging servers).
With the understanding on these two concept we are ready to dive into the nitty gritty  of the solution.
Assuming that the user did the initial configurations to setup notifications (see my earlier post), here is what …