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The cloud billing mess

"with great power comes great responsibility" - Spiderman MovieNothing can be more true than this statement when it comes to Cloud. Spinning up a new server is effortless, scaling up and down even easier. While building a cloud based solution for our client we too have made same mistakes. Since the impact of such mistakes are not immediate these thing many a times go unnoticed. It is not until we receive inflated bills that we start looking into such matters and realize our mistakes.
Cloud infrastructure should not cause an organization to abandon all server provisioning workflows but tweak them to take Cloud components into consideration.
Thanks, Chandermani

Developer to Client Representative ratio

From the time I started software development, time and again I have faced one issue which hinders with the progress of software execution cycle. The scenario goes like this. There are n people in a team generating result at a speed that is overwhelming the client. The client is not able to provide feedback on time and hence delays. This happens more so with Agile methodology.
Many times it happens that client want to achieve a lot within a specific time but does not have resources on his side to continuously monitor and provide feedback. As a service provider we can deploy more of BA's (Business Analyst) to help us, but no amount of BA's can resolve the bottleneck on clients part. In software industry we have ratios of dev/test, dev\lead (module, team etc), i believe such a ratio should also be there for client. Imagine a team of 20 developer churning out code with only one client frontending. Having multiple client personal to help the development team would help in such scen…

Namespace aliasing and extension methods

One of the interesting thing that i learned today is, namespace aliasing can break extension methods declared in the name space.To safeguard against this situation add the same namespace again without alias. For example
using alias=X.Y.Z;
should be changed to
using alias=X.Y.Z; using X.Y.Z
and everything works,
Happy Coding, Chandermani

Assigning Icon to a file type by tweaking registry

On our recent project we had an requirement for assigning a icon to a file type which is not associated with any executable. Visual Studio installer project does a great job of creating such association if there is a executable involved. Else we need to manually add some registry edit steps in the installer process. The changes required were
Under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT add you extension key such as .myxSet the (default) string value to a friendly name for your application.Create another key in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT with the friendly name as specified in step 2.Create a sub key for key created in step 3 with name DefaultIcon. Its (default) string should point to the folder location where the icon is.In case of Visual Studio Setup project the macro [TARGETDIR] comes in handy. This macro can help identify the location of the icon file if stored in the installation folder iteself. For example [TARGETDIR]Process.icoHappy Coding, Chandermani