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Windows Azure: Automated Commandline Deployment woes

I was trying to automate the process of Azure deployment through command line. The Azure Powershell cmdlets make this job very easy.

I was facing some issues when deploying the Application on Azure using commandline( using CSPack + Azure cmdlets). Some of the features on the site were functioning, specifically those that depended upon Azure configuration files. The same worked with VS 2010 package and deployment.

I realized that the package I was creating with CSPack was different from what VS 2010 was creating.

The first step i took was to reproduce the issue on Dev Fabric.
I was luck enough to reproduce the same issue in Dev Fabric if i deployed the package file created using CSPack.
What i realized was that the WebRole class which should be called by framework whenever the Azure Framework initializes was not being called for some strange reason. I had called some initialization code such as SetConfigurationSettingPublisher in WebRole.cs.
This was causing call made later to fail.
I did som…