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Architect? Give me a break :)

Davy Brion has posted some rants about the Microsoft MVP program and the type of people that are attracted to it.
What David has mentioned holds true in some other areas of IT industry too.
"Architect" another cool but severely abused title :) If you take David's post and replace "Microsoft MVP" with the word "Architect" you would find everything still holds true. I am a strong believer that "Architect" as a designation\title should be done away with.

In my 8+ years of IT experience I have seen quite a few of this breed :) With exception of few I found most of them just good with
UML modelling tools (such as Visio)Generating high quality project artifacts (Such as Function Specs, Design documents)Buzz word mongers.Smooth talkers These maybe important qualities to have in an Architect but a sound technical background is a non negotiable. Everyone knows what is the end result if you engage such people. Such Architects mostly produce thing…

So you got a job offer !!!

So you got a job offer !!! It always a great feeling irrespective of ones experience level. You start envisioning about your fatter pay-cheque, your role, your growth prospects, may be a new city (in case you are transferring).  During this euphoria we may throw caution to the wind and not do a thorough check about the organization, type of work, work culture. The consequence of our carelessness can cost us, sometimes dearly.
Through this post I just want to highlight things one should consider while looking out for jobs and while accepting any job offer. Since i am an IT professional i can and would only talk about IT companies and jobs.
Product Company vs Services Company: Many may not have any preferences on this but this distinction has an affect. Services company is all about billing and one almost always works under deadline pressure, delivery pressure. The story is different in product companies where activities revolve around the product. Time to market is important in product…