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Appharbor build notification using Google Talk (XMPP)

Appharbor recently ran a contest to encourage developers to use their API and showcase the API capabilities. Based on some ideas floated by the Appharbor team I too decided to build something useful\interesting for Appharbor platform.I decided to create a desktop notification client which can notify user when the build is complete, its status in terms of success or failure.
How Appharbor works is that you push your code to a git repo supported by Appharbor (github, bitbucket etc). As soon as the checkin is done, Appharbor pulls the code base build it, and updates the running website. It's like a single click deployment!
I started to explore my option for a desktop client and some of the options I though of were
Build a desktop windows app and integrate with the Appharbor API.  This approach was the most flexible approach. I have full control of features and capabilities, but would take a good amount of time to develop.Use third party desktop notification apps like Growl for Windows