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Angularjs and inplace edit

AngularJS is an awesome framework and Angular Directives make this framework super awesome :)

AngularJS  directives help us extend the existing HTML DSL. You can create new tags, extend functionality using existing tag and create reusable component. I recently created a Inplace editable control in AngularJS. It basically allows to do in place editing for elements like H1, H2, H3 div etc, basically all read only control. I took the initial idea from this fiddle and added Text selection on edit.Cursor positioningHandle the Enter key press. Here is my fiddle

Integrate ASP.Net MVC + WebAPI with Autofac in 5 mins

Recently i configured Autofac with ASP.Net MVC 4 and WebAPI. Here are the steps required to configure Autofac
Install package Autofac.MVC4Install package Autofac.WebApiAdd a class AutofacBootstrap. Use this class to configure the dependencies within your project. Open Global.asax file and add a method like  Call the method from Application_StartAnd you are done !!