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AngularJS by Example - My new book on AngularJS

For some time now i have been blogging on my corporate blog instead of my personal one. But this is something that i should share on my personal blog too as it is big :)

I have a book out there "AngularJS by Example"! Published by Packt this book targets beginners to intermediate audience.

Head over to my blog post here to learn more about the book. 

You can also checkout and buy the book on Packt website.

Happy reading!


Eric said…
Hi Chandermani
Eric said…
Just reading and practicing your book for a couple of days and already one question:
Nowhere I can't refer to "well lead" class definition (called in 3rd line of code in p.13)
Trimming name down to 'well' does not change anything on Bootstrap dressing of the paragraph.
I surely missed something.
chandermani said…
Hi Eric, "well" and "lead" are classes defined in bootstrap.css, that have been included in the head section (see page 11). "well" gives the inset feeling and "lead" bold. But these are just style elements nothing much to do with the working of the app.
Hope you have a great time reading the rest of the book :)
Eric said…
Thank you fo your fast answer.
I don't know so much of Bootstrap so all is clear now.
I can resume my reading :)

chandermani said…
You are right Ashish, the controller as syntax is far better than the above approach, as it avoid unnecessary coupling between parent and child views.
Sergio Esteban Cardenas said…
Hey there
First of all , thanks for the article . I have a question about your code
I assuming that your are modifing the global.asax form your MVC project, because you're using
is viable to set up the resolver in that file?
what if I want to set the resolver in the global.asax form WebApi Project?
is it valid?

Frank Baresich said…

I am new to coding and I bought pre-release of Angular2 by Example.
I am learning a lot. However, the code is not available at Packtpub.
The code I got from gethub only works for guess the number.

Can you fix that?
Also, when do you estimate the book will be released?
I may have to buy a different book if it is a long way off.


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